Get A Tent For Your Trampoline For The Best Backyard Camping Experience


Who doesn’t enjoy bouncing about on a trampoline? You get to fly through the sky while performing a variety of entertaining tricks and flips. When it’s time to go to bed, though, the fun has to come to an end…or does it?

You can use your trampoline all night long with the help of this trampoline tent! Set up this tent and sleep beneath the stars on your comfortable trampoline without having to worry about being eaten alive by bothersome bugs.

The tent is intended to fit a 14′ circular trampoline and has four mesh windows and two door openings, allowing you and the kids to enjoy the summer breeze and stars while being protected from mosquitoes and other winged creatures.

Unlike other trampoline tents that just rest on top of a trampoline, this one is designed to be attached to the trampoline’s perimeter with a series of ties, allowing for maximum sleeping area. This trampoline tent may be used for more than just sleeping; it can also be utilised as a fun area to play and sit while being covered from the sun.

Thanks to its easy assembly and tear-down, you’ll be popping this trampoline tent up and down all summer long with ease!

Some people even chose to stick furniture, rugs, and other items inside the trampoline tent to make it more homely inside!

The smaller trampoline tent will set you back roughly $130, while the bigger one will set you back around $85!

We found them available at as well as other sites but all prices were reasonably priced around the $80-$140 depending on sizes and styles. We can’t wait to give this a go this summer!

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