Check Out These Trailer Tents For Camping On The Go


Sitting on a cushion or sitting on air can put a lot of strain on your body. Sometimes all you need to sit comfortably is to float on emptiness. The trailer hitch hammock chair consists of two chairs that attach to your vehicle’s trailer hitch and float above the ground like a hammock.

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The set includes a leg support and two arm supports that dangle from each chair, and while it may appear complicated at first and take a minute to get into the chair, you won’t be leaving for another two hours, take in the view and chillax.

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The hanging trailer hitch hammock chairs are constructed of tough fabric and are easily installed by simply putting it into your current trailer hitch. They are perfect for tailgating, music festivals, or simply resting while on a road trip with the family.

Photo: Pinterest

Their latest trailer hitch hammock stand is wider apart, allowing you to tie a real hammock or one of these enormous tree pod tents to the stand!

These tent pods really do look proper dreamy. You can get yours from a company called Hammaka. Park up at your favourite nature reserve, beach, caravan park and drift away into perfect hammock bliss! SO cool.

If hammocks are your thing, then you will LOVE THIS!

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