Elevated Beds Décor Trend: Friend Or Foe?


Elevated beds are the latest trend in décor because they save room, are practical and, more importantly, they look cute but the matter is a contentious issue amongst the online international commune of Social Junkie, and safety seems to be the biggest concern amongst our online décor vigilantes.

However beautiful these elevated beds are, there are downsides such as going to the loo, changing the sheets, going (up) to bed when you’re ill or – worse – drunk, sex, and so on and so on.

Home and décor Queen Jennifer Allwood took it up herself to “elevate” the already elevated bed task and quickly stumbled upon some challenges, as she told on her website:

“Total transparency. At first, we planned on NOT having a ‘leg’ under the loft bed and having it secured from the ceiling.

“It was MORE THAN secure….. we just didn’t like how that board across the ceiling felt when you entered the room. It felt heavy. So we resorted to plan B.

Credit: Jennifer Allwood

Allwood’s Plan B was “putting a pole under the floating corner of the loft bed.” And then they “removed the board from the ceiling.” – adding that “Either would have worked, but this was prettier.!

They then built a “frame” around the outside both to make it look more finished and to give the mattress something to “sit in”.

Granted, the bed looks gorgeous, but would you sleep on it?

I’ll give you that: With living costs as they are these days, we are lucky to have a bed to sleep on, never mind an “elevated” one. But they do look cute so safety becomes secondary.

Our post about the elevated beds racked up more than 3k shares and 2k likes in only a few minutes which shows how strongly our online vigilantes feel about elevated beds. It is clearly an emotional topic as you can tell from reading through the comments.

Online vigilante Emma Watts alerts that they are indeed brilliant: “Until you have to change sheets”. Kerry Moore piled on: “ or a child is sick from that height or falls out. Definitely won’t be following this. (crying with laughter emoji)”. User Tom Silk wants to stand up for the elevated beds though, commenting: “surprisingly easy, had a bed like this for 8 years when I was a kid.”

Therefore, whether elevated beds are friends or foes, the online jury is out but the only judge is you…I’m only joking, the judge is whoever wants to be the judge as this is neither a serious issue nor a democracy. It’s only the internet!

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