Husband Turns Creepy Attic Into A Dreamy Closet For His Wife


Rodolfo Cabrera spent around 3 weeks and 25,000-30,000 dollars on the ultimate attic revamp turning it into a spacious, modern dream come true closet for his lucky wife.

Firstly, if you are wondering whether you need to change husbands, the answer is ‘yes’. Secondly, according to the couple’s daughter, Joserin, the wife can fight so be prepared.

Joserin posted photos of the amazing transformation on Twitter receiving more than 439.6k likes and being retweeted more than 68.2k times.
Credit: @yagirljoss

The internet is going bonkers over the before and after photos. @paolotancioni commented: “This is not a closet. It’s an atelier.” Whereas @jonah_hoff asked: “Does your dad give husband lessons? I wanna be like him.”

Joserin told Bored Panda that she never expected such huge attention from the post but only “a few likes and retweets because people love a good before-and-after.”

Both Joserin and her mother are used to seeing dad’s remodelling work but this was above and beyond: “We were both really amazed because we knew it was going to look good but he exceeded our expectations.” – Joserin adds.

Speaking to House Beautiful about how the project started, Rodolfo said: “Honestly, my wife and I needed more space for our clothes. One day I went up to my attic and I began to think ‘Wow, we have all this empty space that we can transform into something else.’”

The project started humbly with just a “clean up [of] the attic since it was dirty”. I do wonder why that transformation didn’t happen to me when I cleaned MY attic last year but, oh, well.

Along with his employees at Remodeling & Design LLC, Rodolfo “did the framing, electrical, hanging up the drywall, plastering, and doing the ceiling design with the LED [lights].”

Credit: @RandDLLC

According to the dad and husband, the shelves were built-in and the furniture came from the master bedroom allowing them to let creativity “take over”. Featuring “2×4 woods, drywall, insulation, electrical wire, LED strip light, recessed lights, and paint, ” the closet follows the modern aesthetics of the rest of the house. Wood served “to make the shelves and laminate for the floor.” and  “A split AC unit was also installed so we didn’t have to run ducts all the way up there,”.

Rodolfo added that the biggest challenge was “doing the stairs since they are only attached to one wall so we needed to add as much support as we could to that one side.”

Working in the remodelling business for 15 years, Rodolfo found Remodelling & Design LLC four years ago. He now lives in Maryland with his family and the family’s newest member, the dreamy closet.

You can watch a video of the full transformation here. And if you like amazing transformations, have a read at Woman Decorated A Rusty Boat To Look Like A Modern Home.

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