A Family In Germany Have Put Up 444 Christmas Trees In Their House


It’s Christmas time and the Yuletide season is SERIOUSLY alive and well at the Jeromin family’s Rintelin home in the north-western German state of Lower Saxony.

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While most Germans head up the ladder to get down the dusty Christmas decorations boxes from the attic, Thomas and Susanne Jeromin have more to handle than most.

The couple is no less than German World Record holders and for this year’s tenth anniversary have ramped things up and set up a total of 444 trees decorated head to toe with baubles and tinsel and lights. That is 24 more than last year’s grand total of 420.

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Olaf Kuchenbecker, who visited the home to count the trees and award the 2021 record said: “The key here is the most decorated Christmas trees in one place, and the Jeromin family really is world leader here, by a long way. This season, today here in Rinteln there are 444 trees. And I have counted to make sure. And what is important for the record is that the houses are fully decorated.

“They have to look the same as if you just had one in your living room, so with candles, or light garlands with baubles etc. as you imagine a typical Christmas tree. The size, though, is not important.”

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No two trees are the same, with a huge variety of festive colours and themes: Storm Troopers, superheroes, smiley faces, fruits, and much more.

On top of that, more than 10,000 Christmas balls and 300 strings of fairy lights are used in the display.

The couple, who lovingly decorate each tree by hand, each year start putting up the trees months before Christmas in order to have it up by the first Advent Sunday (the first Sunday of December) in Germany.

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The Christmas trees are omnipresent in the flat. Even the bedroom is overflowing with them. But the Jeromin family definitely wants to continue with their Christmas tree passion.

And so far they face no threat to their world dominance.

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