Woman In The Body Of An 8-Year-Old On The ‘Creeps’ Who Want To Date Her


Shauna Rae, a TLC reality TV star who stands at just 3ft 10in, has opened up about her daily struggles as an adult trapped in a child’s body and the unsettling experiences of dealing with “creeps” who seek to date her.

Shauna gained notoriety when her show, “I am Shauna Rae,” premiered in early 2022. The series delves into the fascinating story of her childhood illness, which led to an unforeseen side effect—she stopped growing. The second season of the show has recently aired on TLC, providing a platform for Shauna to share her latest experiences, from searching for love to contemplating college.

The 24-year-old’s journey to her unique reality began with a childhood diagnosis of brain cancer, which necessitated chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this treatment impacted her pituitary gland, resulting in pituitary dwarfism. Shauna has been in full remission from cancer for a while but stands at just 3ft 10in, weighing around 50 pounds. Her appearance, due to her medical history, makes her resemble an eight-year-old rather than an adult.

Shauna shared her frustration with the New York Post, saying, “People don’t understand that I’m an adult. If you look at me, you see an eight-year-old. But I think if you take the time to look at the details in my face, in my hands, the maturity in my body, and I think if you take the time to actually talk to me, you really understand that I’m [an adult].”

In her reality show, Shauna discusses her experiences in the dating world, revealing how she has developed an uncanny ability to spot individuals with less-than-honorable intentions who are interested in her for all the wrong reasons. “Their questions are very targeted towards my physicality… They’re learning about me like I’m a specimen in a lab.”

In the new series, she embarks on a blind date with Thomas, a volunteer firefighter who also has pituitary dwarfism, standing at 4ft 8in. The pair discuss their shared dating experiences, and it’s here that Shauna confides that she’s had children hit on her.

Speaking to People, she reflected on her date, explaining how Thomas proved to be an “inspiring” presence in her life. “Meeting the young man with pituitary dwarfism was an amazing experience. We had a lot in common because of our medical histories. And then our actual social lives are much different. I think that is very inspiring for each of us and anyone else when they watch it because we came kind of from a similar background, but not at the same time. I think it’s very beneficial because he is such an inspiring man. He inspires me to do good. He inspires people in his life to do good.”

Currently, Shauna is working on gaining independence and learning how to drive, using special hand controls rather than traditional pedals. She also aspires to move out on her own, a goal that she shares with Thomas, and it’s something they discuss on their date.