Terrifying 3D Animation Shows How Oppenheimer Atomic Bomb Actually Works


Hold on to your hats, folks, because we’ve got some jaw-dropping atomic bomb revelations coming your way! The new movie Oppenheimer has us all hooked and marching towards box office glory alongside Barbie. But let’s get serious for a moment – this flick has reignited our fascination with the man himself and the infamous Manhattan Project.

Now, don’t go getting all nostalgic for the good old days when Little Boy and Fat Man stole the show. Those were the code names for the atomic bombs that shook the world, dropping onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki like they meant business.

On August 6, Little Boy did the unthinkable, causing devastation and taking tens of thousands of lives in Hiroshima. And if that wasn’t enough, three days later, Fat Man decided to join the party and unleash more terror on Nagasaki. What a horrifying duo!

But wait, there’s more to this story! On August 15, Japan surrendered to the Allies, and Oppenheimer, the so-called ‘father of the atomic bomb,’ had to grapple with the weight of his creation. He knew he had “blood on his hands” for unleashing such a deadly weapon that could erase cities from the map in a hot minute.

Now, I can see those inquisitive minds wondering, “How on earth does an atomic bomb go from being a tiny car-sized object to a planet-shattering force?” Fear not, for YouTube Channel AiTelly has got your back with a 3D animation!

A 3D animation has been created to show you just what happened inside the atomic bomb Oppenheimer created. Credit: YouTube/AiTelly

So, here’s the scoop – once the bomb is dropped, the firing switch gets into action as soon as it reaches the right height. How does it know? Well, it’s got barometric sensing ports, manifolds, and a fancy radar altimeter. Clever, huh?

When the time is right, the firing switch triggers navy gun primers, lighting up the charge inside the bomb like it’s the Fourth of July! And that’s just the beginning, folks!

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Picture this – four silk powder bags, each with two pounds of cordite, get in on the action, shooting the uranium projectile at a crazy speed of 300 meters per second! And that’s not all – this uranium love affair continues as it collides with more uranium at the front of the bomb. Boom! That’s when four polonium initiators show up to the party, and we’ve got nuclear fission, baby!

In the blink of an eye, the atom gets split, and we’re talking about an explosion that levels entire cities! Oppenheimer’s bomb is like a mastermind, firing nuclear material at one another to create fission. It waits patiently until the firing switch activates and then it’s showtime, baby!

A 3D animation has been created to show you just what happened inside the atomic bomb Oppenheimer created. Credit: YouTube/AiTelly

Now, let’s all hope and pray that no other city will ever face the terrifying power of the atomic bomb. The world’s got enough fireworks as it is! Stay safe out there, folks, and let’s leave the nuclear shenanigans to the history books!