‘Rambo 6’ Is In the Works With Sylvester Stallone


It looks like Rambo is coming back…AGAIN!

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After his knockout success with Rocky in 1976, he decided to introduce us to another iconic character – John Rambo, the grizzled and gutsy Vietnam vet, in the 1982 film First Blood. Just like Rocky, Rambo became a superstar in Stallone’s cinematic journey, popping up for more action-packed adventures in 1985, 1988, and 2008, before seemingly hanging up his combat boots in 2019’s Rambo: Last Blood.

But hold onto your popcorn, because it seems that Rambo might not have said his final “Hasta la vista, bad guys!” just yet. Producers Kevin King-Templeton and Les Weldon recently spilled the beans on the possibility of bringing back everyone’s favorite action hero, and they’re giving us a cautious but optimistic update.

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In an interview about their new Stallone-led action flick, Expendables 4, the dynamic duo dished on the potential resurrection of Rambo. They’re clearly interested but have a few conditions that need to be met. Weldon hinted at their enthusiasm, saying:

The same. Rambo. I mean, there’s several different franchises that we’re on, and we’re thinking about for the future. And as well as new projects. You know, it’s, again, it becomes a matter of if, if there is a demand from the fan base, we’ll be the first ones to jump on there, which is why Expendables is happening again. Sometimes Kevin and I will say, ‘well, I don’t know if there’s gonna be another.’ And then the demand comes up, and people are asking, and asking and asking. Buyers are asking, and that was the case with this. And so we took this very seriously to develop this, you know, so that we would do it right. And yeah. And give them something they wanted.”

If fans and deep-pocketed backers rally for another Rambo flick, these producers are game to make it happen. But here’s the kicker – Sly Stallone is not exactly a spring chicken anymore, at a ripe 77 years old. Playing an action hero might be a stretch, even for someone as legendary as him.

Let’s not forget that Rambo got a proper send-off in Last Blood, surviving one final epic showdown before the film treated us to a heart-pounding montage of the franchise’s greatest hits. From a storytelling perspective, that might be the perfect place to let the character rest in cinematic peace.

However, if fans start chanting “Rambo! Rambo!” and the money folks start counting their cash, these producers are ready to give us Rambo 6 – one way or another. So, stay tuned, action aficionados, because the curtain might not have fallen on John Rambo just yet!

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