People Are Posting Photos Of Their Favourite Celebrity Lookalikes And They’re So Accurate


You won’t ever look at your favourite celebrities in the same way!

Prepare to be amazed, because the internet is buzzing with celebrity lookalikes that are so spot-on, they’ll leave you in awe. We’ve all heard of fan theories about celebrity doppelgängers, but these comparisons are taking it to a whole new level.

Remember the infamous Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory? Well, brace yourselves, because these side-by-side pairings are raising the bar for uncanny resemblances between celebrities and some of your favourite characters!

Reddit has become the epicenter of this viral phenomenon, thanks to a post in the r/popculturechat thread titled: “Favourite celebrity lookalike?” With over 750 comments and counting, fans are flocking to weigh in on these mind-blowing resemblances.

First up, we have the dashing Cillian Murphy, known for his roles in “Peaky Blinders” and “Oppenheimer,” who bears an uncanny resemblance to none other than Z from the 1998 animated family classic, “Antz.” It’s all in the smirk, the hooded eyes, and that far-out facial expression. Who would’ve thought an animated ant could have so much in common with a Hollywood star?

Next on the list, we’ve got Will Poulter from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” who many insist is a dead ringer for Sid from “Toy Story.” It’s not a comparison that would necessarily earn you bragging rights, but Will Poulter embraced it by dressing up as Sid for Halloween.

In his own words, “I did do it in light of some of the comparisons between me and Sid from Toy Story that were going around on the internet. I work with Anti-Bullying Pro and the Diana Award, I did it during anti-bullying week to raise awareness of that organization.” Now that’s turning a fun resemblance into a force for good.

Reddit users couldn’t help but praise Poulter’s sense of humor and social awareness. “Self-aware king,” one exclaimed. “He’s so real for this,” penned another, followed by an enthusiastic “Incredible” from someone else.

But the celebrity lookalikes keep getting more creative and niche. Brace yourselves for the list we have put together which doesn’t even scratch the surface!

So, what are some of your favorite celebrity lookalikes?

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