New Finding Nemo Theory Is ‘Ruining Childhoods’ For Fans


The theory shows the Pixar movie in a new light!

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Hold onto your snorkels, folks, because we’re about to take a plunge into the depths of a mind-bending Finding Nemo theory that’s making waves across the internet and, some might say, wrecking the pristine shores of our childhood memories. If you think you can handle having your Pixar classic questioned like never before, get ready for a journey into the abyss.

For those land-dwelling souls who somehow missed the underwater adventures of Marlin, a neurotic clownfish, and his forgetful yet charming companion, Dory, Finding Nemo was nothing short of an aquatic masterpiece. Released in 2003 by Disney-Pixar, this heartwarming tale revolves around Marlin’s epic quest to find his wayward son, Nemo, who was scooped up by a scuba-diving dentist and plopped into a fish tank.

But hold onto your flippers because, according to a TikTok user named Angela Freitag, there’s a twist in this fishy tale that might just turn your understanding of Finding Nemo upside down. Brace yourselves, as this theory plunges into the murky depths of dark speculation.

Originally posted in her video which has now been made private, Angela drops the bombshell: “Nemo doesn’t actually exist. Hear me out… so at the beginning of the movie, this barracuda kills the entire family, right?”

Yes, that tragic opening scene where a barracuda devours Marlin’s wife and all their eggs, leaving just one solitary egg behind. Angela argues, “When Marlin wakes up, he imagines that there is only one egg left. He names his only son Nemo; Nemo in Latin translates to ‘no-one’ or ‘nobody’. It gets weirder.”

So, according to this theory, Nemo is nothing more than a figment of Marlin’s grieving imagination. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any darker, Angela takes us on a journey through the five stages of grief, with Marlin’s behavior throughout the film as evidence.

“[Denial] He doesn’t want his son going to school because he doesn’t think it’s safe,” Angela asserts. “[Anger] He gets mad at Nemo when he does something that is out of his control. [Bargaining] He deals with a super-forgetful travel buddy to try and find his son. [Despair] Marlin then watches Nemo get flushed down the drain. [Acceptance] And then by the end of the movie Marlin learns to let go and let Nemo do what he wants.”

While the original video can’t be viewed currently another TikTok user has made a similar video explaining the points of this wild new theory!

@theh3ro Nemo’s tragic end in Finding Nemo 😮 #findingnemo #pixar #disney #disneytheory #fyp ♬ original sound – The H3ro

Fans of the film were left reeling in the wake of this theory. One person mournfully responded, “Girl stop, that’s my childhood.” Another echoed the sentiment with a simple, “No – now I can’t watch this the same.”

But wait, there’s more. One particularly daring individual even went as far as to suggest, “I heard that barracudas don’t eat clownfish. So the mum ate the family.” A chilling thought, indeed.

However, before you plunge into the abyss of despair, consider this: Throughout the film, Nemo interacts with a host of other characters, from a grumpy dentist to a school of fish. If Nemo were a mere product of Marlin’s imagination, how could he engage with these characters? Good question, right?

One skeptic asked, “Then how come the dentist and the other fish were talking to Nemo?” Another astutely pointed out, “But Nemo had friends when he went to school and when he was at the doctor’s office, so please explain.”

Touché! It seems that, like all great theories, this one might have a few holes in it. But hey, if you’re up for a wild ride, you can always take a deep dive into the rabbit hole and suggest that all those characters were mere figments of Marlin’s imagination, too.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Finding Nemo fan or just someone who appreciates a good cinematic twist, this theory has undoubtedly added a new layer of intrigue to an already beloved classic.

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