Netflix’s New Incredibly Tense Thriller Has People Tearing Up And Unable To Breathe


Amid the vast sea of content on Netflix, there’s one riveting thriller that’s been flying under the radar, quietly amassing a remarkable 100 percent Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

This hidden gem, titled “Accused,” hails from the UK and features Chaneil Kular of “Sex Education” fame. It landed on Netflix just last week, on September 22, and it’s already making waves, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, breathless with anticipation.

Directed by the brilliant Philip Barantini, the creative force behind the Bafta-nominated film “Boiling Point,” starring the phenomenal Stephen Graham, “Accused” plunges viewers into a heart-pounding narrative. At its core is Harri (played by Kular), who unwittingly becomes the epicenter of a social media storm that falsely identifies him as a wanted terrorist.

The tension in the film escalates to a fever pitch when Harri finds himself fighting for his life through a nightmarish ordeal. A group of self-proclaimed vigilantes descends upon his parents’ isolated mansion, mistakenly convinced that he was the one responsible for a bomb detonation on a London tube.

The official plot synopsis aptly captures the intensity of the film: “When online threats lead to an IRL home invasion, he must fight for his life in this tense thriller of virtual witch-hunts and false accusations.”

“Accused” delves into harrowing themes, including xenophobia, racism, and the treacherous realm of social media.

Viewers have already flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on this gripping thriller. One user proclaimed, “Accused on Netflix is phenomenal. Tense af but made me cry because of the sad reality.”

Another viewer enthusiastically declared, “Accused on Netflix is absolutely brilliant, 12/10!!! We weren’t breathing the whole time!”

“Watching Accused on Netflix omg it is intense af!” shared another. “Just shows what social media can do to someone accused of something they didn’t do just because of their race & the fact they also have a beard.”

A fourth chimed in, exclaiming, “Accused on Netflix is causing me so much stress right now!”

“The amount of anxiety I had when watching Accused on Netflix,” commented a fifth. “I had to close my eyes at some points. Excellent performances all round.”

Many also took the opportunity to laud Barantini for shedding light on such crucial societal issues. “He’s once again shown how masterful he is at conveying stress and creating tension. Very intense viewing, in the best way possible!” tweeted one fan.

A final Twitter user summed it up: “Accused on Netflix is actually 10/10. Tense af but so gripping, and the reality of it is so important. Goes to show social media can be a bloody scary place. Defo worth a watch.”

Well, if you’re looking for a heart-pounding, thought-provoking thriller, “Accused” on Netflix is your must-watch choice. Get ready to be captivated. It’s currently available for streaming on Netflix.