Netflix’s New True Crime Documentary Is Being Called The “Most Horrific And Frightening” Thing They’ve Ever Seen.


Netflix is well-known for its gruesome true crime documentaries.

However, the streaming giant’s most recent production has taken things to a whole new level of horror for many viewers.

Users have taken to social media to declare that the feature-length documentary Girl in the Picture is the “most horrific” thing they have ever seen.

The true-crime film, directed by Sky Borgman, is based on the life of Sharon Marshall, a mysterious woman whose true identity was not revealed until after her death in 1990.

The film is based on investigative journalist Matt Birbeck’s two novels, A Beautiful Child and Finding Sharon, which both focus on uncovering the true story of Sharon’s tragic life, from bright teenager to abused mother.

The documentary has risen to the top of Netflix’s leaderboard since its release earlier this week, becoming one of the week’s most-streamed movies.

Meanwhile, many Twitter users have claimed that the documentary is one of the most terrifying and shocking things they have ever seen.

Other viewers were astounded by the documentary’s many twists and turns as it revealed the truth about Sharon’s life.

The documentary has been so well received that Netflix is releasing a five-part audio miniseries to educate viewers on the fascinating case.

According to the streaming giants, the miniseries, also titled ‘Girl in the Picture,’ “will feature complimentary information and interviews not seen in the film.” The first two episodes are now available on the ‘You Can’t Make This Up’ feed.

Girl in the Picture is now available on Netflix.