‘Murder She Wrote’ Movie Is In the Works


The classic TV show is getting a film!

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Get ready to dust off your magnifying glasses and put on your detective hats because a thrilling cinematic adaptation of the beloved murder mystery series, “Murder, She Wrote,” is coming our way!

That’s right, the brilliant minds behind the movie “Dumb Money,” Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo, are cooking up something extraordinary.

Credit: Murder She Wrote

Now, for those who aren’t familiar (seriously, where have you been?), “Murder, She Wrote” was the bee’s knees of mystery series, featuring the legendary Angela Lansbury as the enigmatic Jessica Fletcher. She wasn’t just a mystery writer; she was an amateur sleuth extraordinaire, always one step ahead of the bad guys.

We’re talking about solving murders with the grace of a seasoned detective, all while looking fabulous in her quaint little town.

Universal Pictures is unleashing this exciting project, and they’ve brought in the dynamic duo of Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo to make it happen. A murder mystery on the big screen, with all the suspense, intrigue, and brilliant deductions you could ever wish for.

Credit: Murder She Wrote

The writers’ strike has put the project on pause, but don’t let that rain on your parade. When these talented writers sat down with Collider to spill the beans, they couldn’t contain their excitement. Lauren Schuker Blum teased:
We’ll tell you one thing that hasn’t been reported yet, which is we have written a theatrical feature film version of Murder, She Wrote for Universal, and we’re really excited.”

Credit: Murder She Wrote

So, dear mystery enthusiasts, keep your sleuthing skills sharp and your alibis ready because “Murder, She Wrote” is making a comeback! We may have to wait a bit, but trust us, it’ll be well worth it. Jessica Fletcher is dusting off her typewriter, and we’re all in for a cinematic mystery adventure like no other. Stay tuned for more updates as the excitement continues to brew!

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