Movie Fans Horrified At Finding Hidden Adult Joke In ‘Mrs Doubtfire’


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In the realm of beloved childhood movies, there exists a category of cinematic gems that we cherished without fully comprehending and Mrs Doubtfire is definitely one of them!

Yet, as the years roll by and you rewatch these childhood classics, there comes a moment of revelation—when the adult jokes we ignore as children suddenly clicks into place, leaving us in fits of laughter and sheer shock.

Credit: ‘Mrs Doubtfire’

For fans of the timeless classic “Mrs. Doubtfire,” they are definitely finding one joke in particularly very funny and very rude! Starring the legendary Robin Williams, this heartwarming yet hilariously chaotic tale follows a divorced actor’s wild scheme to stay close to his children by masquerading as their beloved housekeeper.

What ensues is a comedy of errors but although this film may not have been intended for younger audiences, let’s be honest—most of us watched it at an age when we couldn’t fully appreciate the subtleties hidden within.

Robin Williams, in one memorable scene, finds himself pitted against the dashing Pierce Brosnan, who plays the charming new love interest of his ex-wife. What unfolds next is a masterclass in innuendo, a and a symphony of risqué wordplay. And yet, it took many of us years, perhaps even decades, to decode the not-so-innocent dialogue.

Credit: ‘Mrs Doubtfire’

As Williams, in his Mrs. Doubtfire persona, grills Brosnan, he reels off a barrage of hilarious statements, full of innuendos and it’s only recently that the penny has dropped for many viewers.

To give you a taste, the list goes something like this: “Bit of going down payment, huh? Oh, you know, dear, sink the sub, hide the weasel, park the porpoise? Bit of the old Humpty Dumpty? Little Jack Horny?”

But the laughter doesn’t stop there, as Williams continues with gems like, “The horizontal mambo? The bone dance? Rumple foreskin, baloney bop. Bit of the old cunning linguistics?”

Now it’s not confirmed exactly what is being discussed. However, I think we can all agree that it sounds, well, pretty darn dirty, doesn’t it?

Credit: ‘Mrs Doubtfire’

As the cinematic chess match continues, Mrs. Doubtfire takes it up a notch, quipping, “I bet you’re up for a little competition? She’s got a power tool in the bedroom, dear. It’s her personal jackhammer. She could break a sidewalk with that thing. She uses it, and the lights dim. It’s like a prison movie. Amazed she hasn’t chipped her teeth.”

Fans of “Mrs. Doubtfire” flocked to social media to share their thoughts and reactions. One person nostalgically reminisced, “8-year-old me was so confused.” Another chimed in, “They have so many jokes I never noticed in Mrs. Doubtfire. I love Robin Williams.”

And a third, perhaps encapsulating the sentiment of many, simply lamented, “My mom was next to me when I was watching this, and she was like (shocked). Our childhoods have officially been ruined.”

Credit: ‘Mrs Doubtfire’

In the end, revisiting “Mrs. Doubtfire” reveals a delightful layer of humor that was cleverly tucked away from our young minds, only to be rediscovered as adults.

It’s a testament to the brilliance of Robin Williams and the filmmakers who crafted this timeless classic—a film that can still make us laugh, even as it delivers a few blush-worthy surprises.

So, if you haven’t already, dust off that old DVD or fire up your streaming service and experience the hilarity of “Mrs. Doubtfire” anew. Who knows what other hidden gems you might uncover on your journey down memory lane?

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