Johnny Depp Returns To Stage For Second Night In A Row


As he awaits a judgement in his defamation trial against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp performed on stage in England for the second night in a row.

Following the conclusion of the trial, the Pirates of the Caribbean star came to the United Kingdom and joined guitarist Jeff Beck at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday, 30 May, as part of the latter’s ongoing UK tour.

Depp was seen singing and playing his electric guitar during the surprise performance, which was his second after appearing with Beck the night before in Sheffield.

Some fans predicted his return to the stage on Monday after hearing him cry out ‘Johnny!’ as Beck began his introduction of the actor.

One fan wrote: “Johnny Depp is currently touring the UK with Jeff Beck.. Good for him! He deserves to be able to work and travel and do the things he loves.”

Another commented: “I can’t imagine how relieved #JohnnyDepp must feel now after finally getting all that weight(the truth) off his shoulders. All enjoyment from now on is well deserved. Go Johnny!”