Jennifer Saunders Writing Ab Fab Spin-Off With Joanna Lumley Returning


Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, the dynamic comedy duo that brought us the iconic “Absolutely Fabulous,” are stirring up excitement with a tantalizing new project on the horizon.

During a recent episode of their Audible podcast, “Titting About,” Saunders revealed thrilling details about their upcoming venture.

Saunders, known for her role as Edina Monsoon in the legendary series, dropped the bombshell that she’s gearing up to write a fresh take on the Ab Fab universe. But here’s the twist – it won’t be a mere revival. This project will be “some Ab Fab-ness, but not totally Ab Fab,” she teased, leaving fans eagerly speculating.

Pressed by French about the timeline, Saunders confidently declared, “Yes. Why not. I’m doing nothing after [this]! Can we say first draft, please?” A resounding promise that ignited even more excitement.

It’s a pact sealed in podcast gold as Dawn French gleefully announced, “She’s shaking on it! That’s a deal! A new Ab Fab product!”

What shape this “Ab Fab-related” creation will take, whether a film or a series, remains a tantalizing mystery. But one thing’s for sure, Saunders and French are cooking up something that promises to be absolutely fabulous!