It’s Been Announced Where London’s Totally Tubular Stranger Things Experience Will Take Place


We now know where in London the time-traveling entrance to Hawkins will appear, transforming a sizeable space into a fantastical ’80s fantasy.

Come August, the malls-and-monsters setting of Stranger Things won’t be confined to your television. The truth is that a blazing fissure somewhere in London has let out a plethora of otherworldly beings, nefarious scientists, and walkie-talkie-wielding heroes into our reality, and we know just where to find them. The location of Stranger Things: The Experience is Troubadour Brent Cross Studios in North West London. This summer, escape the city to this vast film and television studio complex, where you may experience the fantastical wonders of Hawkins, 1986.

Troubadour The recently renovated facility Brent Cross Studios, which moved into the former Toys ‘R’ Us building in late 2021, will carry on the tradition of offering entertainment for the general public. The enormous studio building has plenty of performance space, 32,000 square feet to be exact, where the Stranger Things movie locations may be spectacularly brought to life. It is about a 10-minute walk from Brent Cross station and a 30-minute walk from Kings Cross station to get there.

You’ll be drawn into your own interactive adventure the moment you enter. Visit Hawkins Lab and offer to be a test subject; you never know, you might just discover your own unique abilities and be able to use them to aid the demogorgon-fighting group in saving the day. When exploring the eerie corridors of this secret-filled laboratory, be sure to take use of the brave characters’ wealth of Stranger Things knowledge, despite their youth. Additionally, there will be a range of jaw-dropping special effects to fully immerse you in the world of the Netflix sensation and convey a sense of otherworldly authenticity.

You will be able to indulge in the numerous pleasures of the Mix-Tape Area for as long as you like as you exit the lab, heart soaring and fingertips bubbling with power from your heroic deeds, no doubt. It will feel like stepping right into the 1980s with its neon kaleidoscope and lining of popular Stranger Things locations like Scoops Ahoy, Family Video, and the Palace Arcade. You won’t be able to resist. Capture your experience with a photo in the Byers’ living room, wash down delicious meals with special themed cocktails from the bar, and converse with the intriguingly unusual personalities that nearly radiate mystery.

Remember to dress in your best 1980s attire. Go all out with the shoulder pads, scrunchies, and suspenders (à la Eleven), the bright pastels, and the huge hair. Make sure you’re prepared for the experience by dressing appropriately. Stranger Things: The Experience is an unforgettable invitation to discover the upside down. Get your tickets now and be among the first to see the wonderfully bizarre world that Troubadour Brent Cross Studios has to offer this August.