Insidious: The Red Door Terrifies Audiences Branding The Movie ‘Scary As F***’


Insidious: The Red Door, the fifth installment in the popular horror movie series that began in 2010, has hit theaters, leaving audiences screaming in terror. The film, potentially marking the end of the franchise, has garnered significant box office success over the years, establishing a dedicated fan base.

The movie’s advertising campaign, featuring a red door on Hollywood Boulevard, managed to frighten people even before they entered the cinema. Brave souls who dared to open the door were met with a heart-stopping surprise as someone leaped out, putting their fear tolerance to the test. This unique approach successfully generated interest and excitement for the film.

Trailers for Insidious: The Red Door have also left fans shaken, with some viewers admitting that a particular scene made them vow never to undergo an MRI scan again. Social media platforms have since been flooded with reactions from those who have seen the movie, praising it as both terrifying and entertaining—an ideal combination for a horror film.

Credit: Sony Pictures

One fan described Insidious: The Red Door as a “satisfying wrap-up to the franchise,” indicating their enjoyment while implying that this may be the final chapter. Another exclaimed that they were “screaming out loud” in the theater due to the intense scares, while a different viewer labeled the movie as “scary as f**k”—a review that aligns perfectly with the film’s intentions.

Ok so we can’t see whats going on here either, guess we should watch the movie! Credit: Sony Pictures

However, not all audience members found Insidious: The Red Door successful in its attempts to instill fear. Some viewers expressed disappointment, feeling that the film was a letdown that straddled the line between “family drama” and true spookiness. They found it lacking in scare factor and criticized its length, deeming it longer than necessary.

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Considering this is the fifth movie in the series, it is understood that newcomers may not find it an ideal starting point. Regardless, for dedicated fans of the Insidious franchise, one viewer believed it to be “a good watch with jump scares at the right places,” albeit acknowledging occasional pacing issues.

Insidious: The Red Door is currently playing in theaters, providing audiences with another chilling entry into the spine-tingling world of this horror franchise.