Gigi Hadid, 28, And Bradley Cooper, 48 Are Now Dating


Sparks are flying in the heart of New York City as Gigi Hadid, the 28-year-old model and devoted mom to baby Khai, sent tongues wagging when she was spotted for the second time with none other than Hollywood sensation Bradley Cooper, 48.

Gigi, who’s been embracing the single life after her split from Zayn Malik, 30, ignited further speculation about her love life as she sauntered around town with Bradley, who was once in a relationship with Gigi’s model pal, Irina Shayk, 37. To add a twist to the tale, before her escapades with Bradley, Gigi had been linked to another one of his close friends, none other than the Oscar-winning legend, Leonardo DiCaprio, 48.

This latest rendezvous had the duo returning to the city after a tantalizing weekend getaway, armed with overnight bags and an air of mystery. Rolling side by side in Bradley’s sleek black Mercedes-Benz G wagon, the two stars seemed incredibly at ease in each other’s company.

As per MailOnline, Bradley thoughtfully dropped Gigi back at her apartment, and they both embarked on their own separate journeys for the evening. Gigi, ever the style icon, chose an effortlessly chic ensemble for the occasion, donning a casual cream round-neck jersey sweater and faded black baggy straight-leg jeans.

She accentuated her look with simple black ballerina pumps and a compact cream purse, along with her phone, which was adorned with a charming beaded strap. Gigi swept her lustrous locks back into a snug bun secured with a vibrant green scrunchie, while adding a touch of mystique with brown-tinted sunglasses, delicate gold hoop earrings, and a gold chain link necklace.

In a deft move, she collected a blue and white checkered Prada tote bag and a Louis Vuitton carry-all, signifying her readiness for the journey.

On the flip side, Bradley harmonized with the evening with his laid-back attire – a pair of blue jeans and a matching light blue logo tee. Complementing the ensemble, he sported black walking boots and shaded himself from the October sun with a two-toned baseball cap and sleek black sunglasses.

As he strode across the street, Bradley brandished a black duffle bag at his side and fastened a substantial black backpack – a portrait of an unforgettable rendezvous.