Gary Oldman Fans Gobsmacked After Finding Out His Sister Is A Famous TV Star


The multi-talented, award-winning actor, 64, is well-known for his versatility and aggressive acting approach.

Others would say the same for his sister.

Oldman, an English actor who was born in London, started acting in the late 1970s and made his stage debut in Thark at York’s Theatre Royal in 1979.

He made his big screen debut in 1982 in a supporting part in Channel 4’s Remembrance.

Since then, he has established himself as one of cinema’s most extraordinary talents, appearing in famous movies including Dracula (1992), The Fifth Element (1997), and playing Sirius Black in four Harry Potter films between 2004 and 2011.

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But in 2017, he gave his best performance to date as Winston Churchill in the Oscar-nominated film Darkest Hour.

Oldman won the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, and critics praised him for playing the part in a “phenomenal” and “electrifying” way.

Fans are already making jokes that his sister, who lives in the fictional east London town of Walford, has also performed a strange Oscar-worthy performance.

It has been revealed that Laila Morse, who portrays Big Mo Harris on the venerable soap opera EastEnders, is actually Oldman’s sister.

One shocked supporter tweeted: “If there is a better fact out there than Big Mo being Gary Oldman’s sister, I want to hear it.”

Gary Oldman fans had no idea he was sisters with Laila Morse. Credit: BBC

Laila, 77, was born Maureen Oldman, but actress Isabella Rossellini, who was then dating her brother, gave her the stage name.

Laila Morse is an anagram of the Italian phrase “me sorella,” which means “my sister.”

In 1997, Morse achieved her first measure of success with her brother’s feature film debut, Nil by Mouth.

In the film, in which Ray Winstone also acted, she was chosen to play the mother of a drug user.

Then, in 2000, she was cast in the infamous Big Mo role on EastEnders, which she played for 16 years.

Morse had a breast cancer diagnosis in 2001, not long after starting her EastEnders career.

Laila Morse and brother Gary Oldman

But a year later, she was given the all-clear.

Morse was compelled to file for bankruptcy in 2013, owing an estimated £150,000 to £200,000 in debt.

She competed in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! the same year among celebrities like Joey Essex from TOWIE, Steve Davis, Kian Egan, and Westlife.

On day 16, Morse finished in 11th position and was booted from the camp.