Drake, 36, Addresses His Relationship With Millie Bobby Brown, 19


Drake has fired back at the controversy surrounding his friendship with 19-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, dismissing critics in his new album with a shocking twist.

The ‘Gods Plan’ rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, aged 36, is an international music sensation, celebrated with five Grammy awards and a list of chart-topping hits, including ‘One Dance,’ ‘Hotline Bling,’ and ‘Toosie Slide.’ His extensive network of celebrity friends spans from Adele and NBA superstar LeBron James to Travis Scott.

Nonetheless, it was his close relationship with the Stranger Things star that drew unwanted attention and backlash.

The uproar began in 2018 when the then-14-year-old Brown disclosed that Drake, aged 31 at the time, had been texting her for “advice about boys.” The actress, known for her role in Enola Holmes, shared her admiration for the rapper, describing him as a “great friend and a great role model.” She mentioned their recent conversation, revealing that they missed each other and that their discussions often revolved around relationship advice.

Their friendship made headlines primarily because of the glaring 17-year age gap. Still, Brown staunchly defended their relationship on Instagram, insisting that their connection was a lovely friendship and chastising media fixation on it.

Fast forward a few years, Drake finally responded to the criticism in a surprising twist through his music.

In a track from his new album ‘For All The Dogs’ called ‘Another Late Night,’ which features Lil Yachty, he echoes Brown’s sentiments. Drake describes those who criticized them as “weirdos” and expresses a desire to confront these detractors directly. His lyrics included lines such as: “Weirdos in my comments talkin’ ’bout some Millie Bobby, look. Bring them jokes up to the gang, we get to really flockin’ / Or send a finger to your mama in some FedEx boxes / Open up that s**t, it’s jaw droppin’, really shockin’.”

This unexpected and powerful response in his music challenges the controversy surrounding their friendship in a way that only Drake can, surprising his fans and critics alike.

In the aftermath of the much-anticipated album release, Drake revealed in a SiriusXM interview on Table For One that he plans to take a break from the music industry to prioritize his health. He reassured his fans that it wasn’t for anything serious but emphasized the importance of maintaining good health.

In the meantime, Millie Bobby Brown, known for her role in Godzilla vs. Kong, is fully engaged in preparations for her upcoming wedding to Jake Bongiovi, the 21-year-old son of Jon Bon Jovi. Whether Drake will be in attendance at the wedding remains to be seen.