Disney Sued For $50k Over Extreme ‘Wedgie’


Prepare yourself for a shocking lawsuit that has taken the Magic Kingdom by storm. A woman is taking on the colossal Walt Disney Parks and Resorts empire, alleging that she suffered life-altering injuries from an unimaginable incident – a painful ‘wedgie’ – at the Typhoon Lagoon waterpark in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

The Typhoon Lagoon waterpark, nestled within the Walt Disney Resort near Orlando, is renowned for its massive outdoor wave pool and thrilling rides. Every year, thousands flock to this aquatic paradise for family fun and adventure. However, one woman’s visit turned into a harrowing ordeal that has sent shockwaves through the entertainment giant.

Meet Emma McGuinness, a 33-year-old woman, who, along with her partner Edward McGuinness, is seeking $50,000 in damages from Walt Disney World for an incident that occurred in October 2019.

Emma chose to celebrate her 30th birthday at the resort, and her choice of thrill was the Humunga Kowabunga waterslide, a daring 214-foot plunge through a dark, enclosed body slide that culminates in a surprising climax, according to Disney’s description.

However, the surprise that awaited Emma at the end of the slide was anything but joyful. According to the lawsuit filed last week, obtained by Law & Crime, Emma “became airborne” near the end of the slide and was forcefully propelled downward against it. This shocking collision amplified the likelihood of her legs becoming uncrossed, leading to an injury that defies belief.

The complaint describes the disturbing aftermath: “The impact of the slide and her impact into the standing water at the bottom of the slide caused Ms. McGuinness’ clothing to be painfully forced between her legs and for water to be violently forced inside her. She experienced immediate and severe pain internally, and, as she stood up, blood began rushing from between her legs.”

It is essential to note that at the time of this traumatic incident, Emma was wearing a full-coverage one-piece swimsuit and had meticulously assumed the appropriate position for the slide, with her legs crossed at the ankles. Despite her precautions, the lawsuit alleges that this did not eliminate the potential danger.

The filing goes further, revealing a disconcerting aspect of the slide’s design: “Specifically when a rider of the slide reached the bottom of the ride and traveled into the pool of water designed to stop further travel, the force of the water can push loose garments into a person’s anatomy – an event known as a ‘wedgie.’ Because of a woman’s anatomy, the risk of a painful ‘wedgie’ is more common and more serious than it is for a man.”

After this horrendous ordeal, Emma McGuinness was rushed to a local hospital for immediate treatment. Subsequently, she was transferred to another hospital, where a specialist repaired her gynecologic injuries. The extent of her injuries is staggering, encompassing severe lacerations to her private area, a full-thickness laceration causing her bowel to protrude through her abdominal wall, and harm to her internal organs.

In their lawsuit, the couple contends that the slide is “unsafe and unreasonably dangerous” and asserts that Disney bears responsibility for the negligent design of this attraction.

This shocking incident has cast a shadow over the world of entertainment, reminding us all that even the most magical places can hide unimaginable dangers.