Death Becomes Her Reboot Is In The Mix Staring Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Robert Downey Jr and Lady Gaga


There are rumours that the 1992 camp comedy Death Becomes Her, starring Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, and Bruce Willis, will make a comeback. In the first movie, an author (Hawn) lost her spouse (Willis) to her ex-best friend, a famous actor (Streep). The rivals clash when they discover a magical potion that promises perpetual youth and beauty. However, the immortality pill has some side effects that can produce hilarious physical comedy and clever one-liners.

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are said to be reuniting for a remake of the 1992 dark comedy Death Becomes Her.

Kate will be following her mother ‘Goldie Hawns’ footsteps by playing Helen Sharp, whilst Hathaway will take over from Streep as the narcissistic actress Madeline Ashton.

Robert Downey Junior takes over the role of Ernest Menville from Bruce Willis whilst Lady Gaga will play the mysterious and wealthy socialite Lisle Von Rhuman.

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Despite the film’s lacklustre critical reception upon release, it has since gained cult status and would make for a much-anticipated reboot; in fact, according to Deuxmoi, the most well-known Hollywood insider, Netflix is attempting to do just that. The mysterious user posted a report claiming the streaming behemoth is now in talks to buy the film’s rights and has a cast lined up. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox will reunite for the project, and Justin Long will also star. Since all three actors have recently worked with Netflix and the early-aughts pop culture revival is in full swing, the plot does not seem all that unbelievable.

Although a remake with such well-known actors would undoubtedly be well-received by fans, this movie is still only a rumour as of this writing, despite the same source suggesting an official announcement may be on the horizon. Although there have been numerous fan castings for a new version of this movie lately (including one starring Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway), this could only signal that a new production of Death Becomes Her is just a matter of time.