Constantine 2: What We Know So Far


Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves, might get a sequel. Here is all the information we currently have about the production, release date, cast, and plot of Constantine 2.

The DC Comics character John Constantine, sometimes known as Hellblazer, was recreated for the Keanu Reeves film. In Reeves’ interpretation, the character lost his trademark blonde hair and British accent but retained his unique take on the supernatural detective. Francis Lawrence’s first full-length film as a filmmaker, Constantine, had franchise aspirations.

At first, Constantine 2 seemed to be taking place. In the first movie, Peter Stormare played the role of Lucifer, and he appeared to confirm that there will be a sequel. He posted a picture of himself in Constantine on social media at random with the phrase “Sequel In The Works.” Many fans were thrilled when Reeves expressed interest in the project. Sadly, Reeves admitted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in December 2021 that he has been unsuccessful in getting Constantine 2 made  “I would love to play John Constantine again from the Constantine movie. I’ve tried, I’ve tried, Stephen. I would love to.”

However conflicting information continues to circulate. According to IMDb Constantine 2 is in development. So fans are remaining hopeful that we see the return of Jon Constantine in the near future. Although there is no set release date due to the movies current status there is speculation for a 2025 release.

Keanu Reeves will play John Constantine in Constantine 2 if it proceeds. He has expressed interest in reprising the role, and he has already returned to a prior franchise by reprising his role as Neo in The Matrix 4. It’s conceivable that Peter Stormare will return to the role of Lucifer. No additional actors have hinted at their participation. Shia LaBeouf, whose character Chas Kramer died in the first film but was later revealed to be an angel in a post-credits scene, Rachel Weisz, who plays Angela Dodson, or even Tilda Swinton, whose archangel character Gabriel was left to live out his or her life as a mortal, could all make appearances.