Boy Claims He’s Reincarnated And Has Eerily Perfect Memory Of Hollywood Star


In a tale that transcends the boundaries of time, a young boy’s extraordinary claim of reincarnation unveils memories of a life in the glitzy world of Hollywood.

Reincarnation, the mystical belief in the rebirth of a soul into another mortal vessel, has long captured the human imagination. It is the eternal essence of the soul that is said to persist, while the earthly body is but a fleeting vessel.

Meet Ryan Hammond, a schoolboy from Oklahoma, USA, whose remarkable story defies the boundaries of reality. At just ten years old, he spoke to NBC News about his profound belief in reincarnation and unveiled startling evidence of a past life.

Hammond’s astonishing claim is that he was once the Hollywood actor Marty Martyn, who breathed his last breath nearly six decades ago. But his memories of that bygone era are as vivid as yesterday’s dawn.

Intriguingly, Hammond recounts his experiences in the glimmering world of Hollywood during the 1940s and 1950s. He vividly recalls an encounter with Marilyn Monroe’s bodyguard, an encounter that ended with a punch, etched indelibly in his memory.

What adds a chilling layer to this story is Hammond’s recollection of his own demise. He claims to remember his heart “exploding” and the surreal journey towards “the light,” a firsthand experience of transitioning between worlds.

Martyn’s acting career may not have catapulted him to stardom, but he found his niche as a Hollywood agent. A life of luxury in New York City, four marriages, and frequent escapes to Paris painted his existence.

According to Hammond’s mother, this enigmatic journey began at the tender age of three when her son started talking about his previous life. At first, they dismissed it as a child’s fanciful tales. But Hammond’s insistence grew, and he yearned to visit his “other family” in Los Angeles.

In the dead of night, Hammond would awaken, exclaiming “action,” as if transported onto the set of a Tinseltown film. His affinity for that world became undeniable.

Convinced that her son might indeed be the reincarnation of Martyn, Hammond’s mother sought validation. She presented her son with a period-correct book about Hollywood. To her astonishment, he recognized George Raft, an actor from “Some Like It Hot,” claiming they had “done a picture” together.

At the age of six, with his astonishing recollection gaining momentum, Hammond met Martyn’s daughter under the auspices of documentary makers. As they traversed the places frequented by Martyn in Los Angeles, the daughter confirmed the veracity of Hammond’s memories.

Strangely, as time flowed like sand through an hourglass, Hammond’s memories of life as Martyn grew fainter, yet he retained striking similarities with the actor.

Dr. Jim Tucker, a child psychiatrist and author, delves into Hammond’s case in his book, “Return to Life.” He steadfastly believes that Hammond is indeed the reincarnation of Marty Martyn.

Dr. Tucker leaves us with a haunting reflection, “The world just doesn’t work as we think or assume it does. The cases I have examined don’t come under a normal explanation of how we perceive the world.”