Ben & Jerry’s Horror Flavour Ice Cream Concepts Sound Frighteningly Delicious


Throwing on a horror film and grabbing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s sounds like an ideal Saturday night to me, so these horror-inspired Ben & Jerry’s concept designs make perfect sense.

John Squires and Frank Browning are just two guys who are so into scary movies that they started a blog called Freddy In Space (named after Freddy Krueger from Nightmare On Elm Street). They came up with some clever ways to re-create some ice cream flavours and make them sound terrifyingly sweet, just like Ben & Jerry’s.

Ecto Cooler Hi-C

This flavour, named after the Ghostbusters films, is simply described as citrus ice cream. I’m guessing it tastes like Hi-C.

Never Sleep Again

Inspired by the film Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s coffee-flavored ice cream to keep you awake and prevent you from being murdered in your sleep.

Human Centipeach

Named after the Human Centipede. You might want to skip this one.

Heeeere’s Brownie

Inspired by the classic line from The Shining. This particular flavour is chocolate brownie ice cream with walnut sprinkles.

Patrick Batement

Named after Patrick Bateman, the main character in American Psycho.