Bambi Horror Film On The Way


Bambi is now joining Winnie The Pooh and Peter Pan in their horror movie transformation. Read more here.

A few seemingly nice family figures have recently taken a horrifying turn. With the release of Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey and Peter Pan: Neverland Nightmare, two more well-known children’s tales—Peter Pan and Winnie The Pooh—are currently receiving the horror movie treatment.

YouTube: Vailskibum

Now that information on a Bambi horror movie has surfaced, we can add a third to the list.
Bambi: The Reckoning is about to lead the well-known fawn into peril. The death of Bambi’s mother is among the most horrifying scenes in the original movie, but the new version is expected to take things to much darker levels.
The film will be an extraordinarily dark reworking of the 1928 tale we all know and love, according to director Scott Jeffrey, who is working with Rhys Frake-Waterfield, who is also responsible for the aforementioned adaptations. Bambi will be a ruthless murdering machine that lurks in the jungle, drawing design cues from Netflix’s The Ritual. Get ready for Bambi with rabies!

This is not a Disney-sponsored production, just to be clear. However, this image is accompanied by a screenshot from Disney’s Bambi, which can be viewed on the company’s Disney+ streaming service, and which is probably just as gruesome as the idea that Frake-Waterifeld and his crew came up with.

As soon as we learn more, we’ll keep you informed.