Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Teaser Trailer Starring Amber Heard Revealed


The new teaser for Aquaman 2 is here!

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This week sees the release of a full trailer for Aquaman 2 – Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – but before then we have a teaser!

The trailer will be released on Thursday, September 14, according to an internet teaser that shows us with a few scenes from the new movie and what we can expect.

Credit: Aquaman 2 by Warner Brothers

We see a mechanical tentacled giant, Aquaman emerging from the water on what appears to be a beaked seahorse, and our hero battling Black Manta, who also says off-camera a chilling line… ‘I’m gonna kill Aquaman and destroy everything that he holds dear’

One thing that will capture people’s attention and went unmissed by many is that Mera, the love interest of Aquaman played by Amber Heard is present within the trailer. Amber Heard caused controversy with her public divorce from ex-husband Johnny Depp – with filmmakers reducing her screen time in the new movie despite a petition reaching over 4,000,000 signatures asking for her to be removed entirely.

Credit: Aquaman – Warner Brothers

It appears like Warner Bros. and DC are hedging their bets on the Hollywood strike ending by December because the teaser for the movie claims it will be released “soon,” while the video’s YouTube blurb states that it will be released in theatres in December.

If so, the authors and performers would be able to participate in the movie’s advertising whereas currently they are unable to.

The DC cinematic world will be restarted with a brand-new continuity under James Gunn and Peter Safran  and therefore it is uncertain if Aquaman will continue, but The Batman and The Joker are still receiving sequels established in their own independent universes.

Credit: Aquaman 2 by Warner Brothers

‘Jason always saw Aquaman as a trilogy’ Safran said, while Gunn refuted reports that Momoa would go on to portray an entirely different DC character in the new universe when Aquaman 2 was released.

Is this the last we will see of Jason Momoa as Aquaman or will they go ahead with a third movie? For now let’s get excited for the second trailer coming this Thursday!

Watch the trailer below:

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