Anne Hathaway Really Hate’s Being Called Anne


For more than two thrilling decades, Anne Hathaway has enchanted us on the silver screen with iconic roles in films like “The Princess Diaries,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” and “Les Misérables.” But in a recent revelation, the 40-year-old superstar dropped a name bombshell that’s got everyone talking.

In a dazzling appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Anne Hathaway, or should we say, “Annie,” made a startling revelation: she’d rather be called anything but “Anne.” Yes, you read that right!

Despite “Anne” being her real name, Hathaway confessed that it feels more like a stage name. With a cheeky grin, she implored, “Call me Annie, everybody, everybody, call me Annie, please.” The audience couldn’t help but be captivated by this unexpected twist.

Annie went on to spill the beans about how she ended up with the name “Anne.” It turns out, when she was just 14 years old, she did a commercial and needed to get her SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card. They asked her, “What do you want your name to be?” Without much thought, she responded, “Well, it should be my name. My name’s Anne Hathaway.” Little did she know that this decision would stick with her for the rest of her life.

As for what she prefers to be called, Annie is easygoing about it, as long as it’s not “Anne,” of course. She shared with Jimmy Fallon that people often call her Annie, Miss H, or Hath, and she’s perfectly fine with these nicknames. However, there’s only one person who still calls her by her birth name: her mother.

With a touch of humor, Annie revealed, “The only person who calls me Anne is my mother, and she only does it when she’s really mad at me, like really mad.” The audience couldn’t help but chuckle at the relatable family dynamics.

Annie Hathaway, the versatile actress known for her incredible talent and charismatic presence, has now set the record straight: she’s an “Annie,” not an “Anne.” So, the next time you spot her in public, remember to call her by her preferred name. Annie, you’ve left us all with a captivating revelation, and we’ll be sure to address you accordingly!