Amber Heard Hits Johnny Depp With A Major Blow After The Recent Defamation Trial Verdict


The defamation verdict against Johnny Depp is being probed by Amber Heard’s attorneys because they think one of the jury members “used a fictitious name.”

Last month, Depp prevailed in the well-known defamation lawsuit in which he sued the actress over an opinion piece she wrote about him in 2018. But now, her attorneys are requesting a new trial.

Her legal team claims in a 43-page document that one juror lied about their birthdate, and that the court should look into whether Juror 15 correctly performed their role.

“Juror 15’s birth year was listed as 1945 on the jury panel roster that was given to the court. Juror 15,
however it is obvious that was born after 1945.

This inconsistency begs the question of whether Juror 15 truly got a jury summons.
duty and had undergone the necessary screening by the Court to sit on the jury.

At the conclusion of the two-month trial, both Heard and Depp were found guilty of defamation.
one another. Heard, however, was only given $2 million in damages, while Depp received
$15 million in damages were granted.

It was then discovered that the Aquaman actress was unable to compensate her ex-husband for his losses.

Heard’s attorneys contend that the ultimate charge was excessive in the contract. They continue by claiming that he was merely due reputational damages.

It says: “Mr. Depp’s arguments undoubtedly had an impact on the jury’s decision.

In this case, the jury’s decision to award $10 million in compensatory damages is excessive legally because the verdict is unsupported by any evidence.

This echoes a similar remark made by the 36-year-old actress, who stated that he is a “great” actor that people feel like they know in a sit-down interview.