A ‘Peaky Blinders’ Film Is In The Works


Fans of the series will be happy!

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Get ready, Peaky Blinders fans, because we’ve got some electrifying news to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of this iconic series! Steven Knight, the genius behind the show, just dropped a tantalizing hint that has fans buzzing with excitement.

We first met the enigmatic Birmingham gangster, Tommy Shelby, portrayed brilliantly by Cillian Murphy, a decade ago on September 12th….where has time gone?

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Little did we know then that we were embarking on a rollercoaster of six riveting seasons, with Tommy facing off against a rogues’ gallery of villains, including the real-life British fascist Sir Oswald Mosley (played menacingly by Sam Claflin).

Credit: Peaky Blinders

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Tommy’s life took an unexpected turn. He received a death sentence, only to discover that it was a nefarious fabrication by the cunning Mosley. Talk about a plot twist! And what did Tommy do? He mounted a horse and galloped toward a new lease on life.

Now, the buzz in town is all about a Peaky Blinders movie. Yes, you heard that right! We might just get to see what Tommy Shelby does next, now that he’s not on death’s doorstep anymore.

Credit: Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy himself has spilled the beans, hinting that he’d be up for the challenge if the script is as sharp as a razor blade. He thinks the TV series ended on a high note, but the allure of a film is too tempting to resist. Recently in Oppenheimer Murphy continues to blow fans away with his incredible roles, but they would love to see him return as Tommy!

The man behind it all, Steven Knight, dropped a bombshell recently. He declared, “The story is not yet over. Watch this space.” Fans have rejoiced wondering what it could mean but one thing is for certain…we’re in for another gripping chapter, and when the creator says it, you know it’s happening!

Credit: Series Creator Steven Knight

Peaky Blinders fans couldn’t contain their joy on social media. “Can’t wait for the movie!” exclaimed one enthusiast. “It would be amazing for Tommy Shelby to return,” another chimed in. And then there’s the slightly more ecstatic fan who gushed, “THE STORY IS NOT YET OVER STEVEN MY BEST FRIEND I LOVE YOU.”

Suffice it to say, Peaky Blinders fans are over the moon!

The Peaky Blinders saga continues, and we’re all in for a thrilling ride. Stay tuned, because Birmingham’s finest gang is coming back, and they’re not finished making history just yet.

Watch some of the best bits from Peaky Blinders below:

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