You Can Stay At A Harry Potter AirBnB For Less Than You Think


Working-class Wizards and Muggles of the internet, Harry Potter is also accessible to us! Have a look at these wickedly good Airbnbs for a magical time away.

For only £90 a night, you can get a suite at this inviting Airbnb in Georgia, United States filled with magical relics, games, books, movies and experiences. You get access to the living room plus kitchen and bathroom. Also, you can either choose between a foldout queen size sofa bed or two twin beds in a Hogwarts’ style dorm room or invite your muggles and wizards fam! With an adjacent estate, you will have enough green space to practice your spells. It has a very high rating of 4.98 and glaring reviews about the cleanliness, cosiness and, more importantly, the deco. Just be mindful as there isn’t a kitchen – although there are plenty of restaurants around.

Inspired by Hogwart’s Castle, this magical place in Florida, United States, is only 10 miles from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and 6 miles from Disney. At the cost of $960 per night, you can immerse yourself in the 5 bedrooms, swimming pool, large screen TV and even a laundry room to wash your cloak of invisibility. With a 4.81 stars rating, one of the reviews called it ‘a dream come true!’ According to another reviewer, “the pictures don’t do justice on how amazing this place is.” Just notice that one review mentioned the water takes a little while to get hot, although it’s “no deal-breaker”.

The hostess and decorator of this Airbnb in Massachusetts, United States is an artist who worked for years in the toys and games industry. Therefore, expect to be wowed. This Airbnb is only a short walk from Salem Train Station and a mile from the heart of the city. Marijuana is legal in this state, but there is also tea and coffee available at the coffee bar, with tours of filming locations and arcade games available. For £244 per night, the 4.93 stars review is an added bonus to go with the nice reviews about their delicious breakfast!

For only £60 per night, you can stay at this flat in the Philippines. According to the listing, all items and merchandise have been imported from Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. They say they have spent millions in renovation by hiring one of the top design and construction companies in the country. Boasting 55 sqm, two big custom-built beds, plus a sofa bed that fits up to two adults, this Airbnd’s rating is whopping 4.85 stars and the reviews often mention they communicated easily with the hosts and that this is exactly what it says on the tin.

The Gryffindor Common room in Hogwarts can be yours for one night for $200. According to the listing, even if you’re not a fan, this will be one of the most unique places you’ll ever stay (ever). For this price, you get the whole condo with a bay window for muggle watching below. They do warn that this heritage building is on a busy street and, therefore, prone to noise. The numerous great reviews are excited and hyperbolic and the current rating is 4.93 stars. Have a nice look at the reviews as at least one user has complained about the cleaning.

Credit: Airbnb

With so many affordable options, it would be Siriusly Riddikulus to think that an HP trip away is not for us poor muggles.

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