Wrap Your Laughing Gear ‘Round These Tweets About Menulog


Menulog, our lord & saviour, god of hunger. (JustEat for our UK friends).

These people have a serious love of Menulog, and so do we! The following tweets are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial!

1. When you and your bae have a disagreement about an order.

Twitter @theslopdog68

2. When you become aware of how reliant you’ve become Priorities!

Twitter @LisaDib1

3. And when you sit back at the end of a long day, Menulog order in hand, and think to yourself, “Man, I’m killing it,” you know you’ve done something right.

Twitter @Jonoaidney

4. Consider the people who wrote them, who are probably having a great time on Menulog.

Twitter @OliverWicks

5. When you wait for your favourite restaurant to open for the entire day.

Twitter @CoreySinclair

6. When its text message service makes you doubt your own existence for a brief second.

Twitter @operation_rosie

7. When the thought of your food being delivered is nearly too much to bear.

Twitter @EmilyHeyWhatNow

8. We think this would be an amazing idea!

Twitter @becellent

9. When you try to rationalise buying a second pizza solely because it’s available on Menulog, we’d swipe right!

Twitter @WeAreAustrialia

10. What. A. Mood.

Twitter @DoctorMatt

11. And the friday feeling!

Twitter @maxuthink

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