Unique African Safaris You Must Try Out


Most of us dream of going on a wildlife safari in Africa, but why dream of an ordinary safari when you can aspire towards an even more wild experience…

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

If you visit here, not only do you get to stay in an adorably quaint manor house, but you’ll be served by waiters with surprisingly long necks. Okay, maybe the giraffes aren’t actual hotel staff, seeing them wander around the premises from the comfort of your hotel room would be a real treat. Even better, they occasionally pop their heads in to say hello whilst you’re eating breakfast.

Photo: Omaze

Horseback Safari, Botswana

What better way to view some exotic animals, than on the back of another majestic animal leading the way? A horseback safari allows you to get much closer than travelling by jeep or other motor vehicle, plus you’ll be able to live out all your cowboy fantasies.

Photo: Equescapes

Bush Dinner, Kenya

If driving around a safari park doesn’t seem like it’ll give you enough time to savour the moment, why not stop off for dinner on the way? Cottar’s 1920’s safari camp offers the opportunity to have a bush dinner where you can dine under the stars and take in nature all around you.

Photo: Journeys Discovering Africa

Gorilla Tracking, Uganda

Volcanoes Safaris will take you on a trip deep into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, to look for the endangered mountain gorillas that reside there. Hopefully during the long expedition you’ll come face to face with a gorilla or two, but don’t worry – they’re said to be very playful and quite fond of visitors.

Photo: Volcanoes Park

Balloon Safari, Tanzania

Scared of getting too close for comfort? Get an incredible aerial view of all the animals the African landscape has to offer by going up in a hot air balloon. You’ll be able to see for miles, spotting all kinds of wondrous creatures.

Photo: Pinterest

Canvas Bush Bath, Kenya

Baths are relaxing at the best of times, not to mention whilst watching an African sunset covered in bubbles. Lay and soak up the beautiful views whilst sipping champagne, and secret hope no lions appear from the bushes!

Photo: Wetu

Boat Safari, Botswana

When climbing into one of these boats, you may feel like you’re in Venice about to head down the river, but no – you’re about to see more impressive sights than Italy could ever dream of. A mokoro trip through Botswana’s Okavango Delta is a must-do for anyone keen on African wildlife, as it’s a quirky way to see all your favourites.

Photo: Art of Safari

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