Top Ten Thrilling Theme Parks

Thrilling Theme Parks

Are you a thrill-seeker? Then you’ve absolutely come to the right place. Plan your next daredevil adventure here!

  1. Energylandia, Poland

Home to: Zadra

The biggest wooden coaster in the world, Zadra is rollercoaster expert DigitalDan’s favourite for a reason. “I’ve never come off a ride and thought ‘what did I just go on?!’” he said of his initial reaction. A relentlessly brutal coaster, this is every thrill-seeker’s dream come true.

Energylandia’s “Extreme Zone” also contains Hyperion, a 77m tall mega coaster, and Space Booster, a skyscraper-sized spinning arm which reaches speeds of up to 100km/h and an acceleration of 4G. Keep an eye out for Formula too, a high-speed coaster that Dan says “packs a punch for how small it is”, meaning you’re in for a wild ride all round.

Zadra. Image Courtesy of DigitalDan.
  1. Phantasialand, Germany

Home to: Black Mamba

Black Mamba is an African-themed coaster with an unconventional track. Weaving between rocks and vertically looping around a bridge, this coaster makes for an all-new experience.

Phantasialand is also home to Chiapas, the steepest log flume on earth, and Winja’s Force and Fear, an epic set of duelling indoor coasters which spin like there’s no tomorrow.

Black Mamba. Image courtesy of DigitalDan.
  1. Thorpe Park, UK

Home to: The Swarm

Somewhat gentle, yet still terrifying, The Swarm is a majestic coaster that’ll blow you away. As DigitalDan points out, it becomes undeniably intense around the helix into the corkscrew, however, generally it makes for one of the most pleasant large coaster rides to date.

When visiting Thorpe Park, it’s crucial that you also ride Saw, the elaborate movie-themed horror coaster which has you dodging dangerous blades. If you’re brave enough, you should also try Stealth, where you’ll be propelled to 80mph in 2 seconds flat, then shot up into the sky. Make sure you get the front row, which Dan describes simply as “brilliant”.

The Swarm. Image Courtesy of DigitalDan.

  1. Universal Studios, Florida

Home to: The Incredible Hulk Coaster

After being shot out of a tunnel to mimic the force of turning into the big green guy, you’ll then fly around an unbelievably massive track. If it can blow DigitalDan’s expectations away, and even cause him to “greyout”, then you know it must be intense.

Universal studios is full of incredible attractions, including multiple Harry Potter and Jurassic Park coasters. If you’re a movie fan, then you’ll be in heaven.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster. Image courtesy of DigitalDan.
  1. Alton Towers

Home to: The Smiler

A rollercoaster with a somewhat dark history, The Smiler at Thorpe Park attracts a huge crowd for a number of reasons. DigitalDan loves The Smiler for its “glossy-smooth” feel, even in the very back carriage, which makes it a truly great ride.

Alton Towers is packed full of roller coasters, so many that its excellence must be seen to be believed. Nemesis, Oblivion, and Wicker Man are all awesome stand-alone attractions, let alone when riding them all in one day!

The Smiler. Image courtesy of DigitalDan.
  1. Six Flags Over Texas

Home to: Batman The Ride

Do not underestimate the power of DC Comics! Though Marvel may rule the movie world, DC has a strong foundation when it comes to rides. The Batman coaster is an intense journey that truly feels like you’re flying through the skies.

Also at Six Flags, you can experience a unique Joker coaster that rocks back and forth, The Superman Tower of Power, and Harley Quinn Spinsanity. 

Batman The Ride. Image credit: Kintanarrey
  1. Busch Gardens, Florida

Home to: Cheetah Hunt

If you’re looking for a fun coaster, give Cheetah Hunt a go. The “Rhino Rally” section of the ride receives high praise from DigitalDan, making it worth a ride for that alone. Though it only boasts one inversion, the heartline roll is an enjoyable one, making this a great coaster for beginners. If you like getting thrown around more, Dan suggests taking the back row for a rougher ride.

Busch Gardens is home to Sheikra and Montu as well, which are just two more of its many highly-praised coasters.

Cheetah Hunt. Image Courtesy of DigitalDan.
  1. Ferrari Land, Spain

Home to: Red Force

Yep that’s right – there’s a Ferrari rollercoaster, and it’s just as ferocious as you’d expect. “The launch is just unlike anything I’ve ever experienced,” says rollercoaster super-fan Dan. After all, there aren’t many rides which require you to wear goggles in the front row for your own safety! If you fancy experiencing the extremes of F1 racing, Ferrari Land is the place to be.

Ferrari land has a few other rides too, including a free-fall tower and a bounce-back tower.

Red Force. Image Courtesy of DigitalDan.
  1. PortAventura World, Spain

Home to: Shambhala

One of DigitalDan’s all-time favourites, Shambhala will blow you away if you go into it blind. He’s a big fan of the airtime you get, as this coaster supposedly has you out of your seat for at least 5 seconds at a time.

Dragon Khan can be found at PortAventura too, the ride with the world’s highest vertical loop and intense speeds of 110km/h.

Shambhala. Image Courtesy of DigitalDan.
  1. Universal Studios, Japan

Home To: Super Nintendo World

Okay, so technically this may not be the most thrilling attraction around, but Super Nintendo World is a spectacle that must be seen by nerds from all corners of the globe. Who wouldn’t want to take a spin on real-life Mario Kart, climb Bowser’s Castle, and experience Yoshi’s Adventure?

Elsewhere at Japan’s Universal Studios, you can find classic rides such as Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, and The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.

Super Nintendo World. Image credit: Universal Studio Japan
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