This Toilet Themed Restaurant Is Sure To Make You Reconsider That Chocolate Ice Cream


The ancient adage “you don’t s**t where you eat” is being demolished by a chain of toilet themed eateries in Taiwan.

Modern Toilet honours bowel motions and short trips to the bathroom by serving a variety of meals that resemble POO.

The Sun

Mini toilets, bidet-shaped bowls, and mugs inspired by urinals and she-pees are used to serve all of the dishes and drinks.

While the concept is enough to make most people puke, Taiwanese hipsters – and families – love it.

Unlike in the West, where faeces is seen as something to be flushed and forgotten about, poo in Chinese culture is regarded as charming and lucky.

Superstitious Chinese people believe that stepping in faeces is a good omen, and that you will be blessed.

Dreaming about excrement, on the other hand, is thought to be a sign that something pleasant is on the way.

Regardless of old wives’ tales, it’s difficult to see anyone being delighted with what they’re provided at Modern Toilet.

It’s less of a feast for the senses and more of a game of mind over matter, with terrifying thick turds of chocolate ice-cream and boiling pieces of curry served in a small lav.

The restaurant’s seating adds to the bathroom atmosphere, with diners taking their seats on actual toilets.

Magic Restroom’s menu, which featured Golden Poop (brown curry), Constipation (noodles with soybean paste), and Smells Like Poop, did not impress US guests (braised pork over rice).

Bloody Number Two (vanilla-strawberry sundae) and Black Poop (chocolate sundae) were both up for grabs before the restaurant discreetly closed down eight months after opening, indicating that puddings were even more likely to cause a dry-heave.

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