This Inflatable Table Will Complete Your Ultimate Pool Day


As if spending the majority of your summer hours at the pool wasn’t already a given, now you have a fun activity that will ensure you don’t want to leave!

This aqua table can be utilised on land or in water with 2-4 persons. Swimming pools, river floats, and simply resting at your favourite lake are all possibilities. Alternatively, deflate it and take it on the boat to your favourite sandbar.

It’s like having your own portable picnic table. It has a large built-in cooler with a draining outlet, a recessed cup holder on each seat, and grab handles to help you get on and off the water quickly. Gather your friends for a game of cards or simply relax and unwind. If you wish to stay put, the WOW Aqua Table also comes with an anchor bag and rope.

Whether you spend most of the summer in a pool or lake, you’re going to need a bunch of pool floats to take a day in the sun to the next level. We bet you don’t have anything like Swimline’s Waterproof Game Station Float, but it’ll become the reason why no one will want to get out of the water.

This fun inflatable table and chairs is the perfect way to cool down on a scorching day.

Two inflatable sling seats with built-in drink containers are included with the game table. The table and seats are connected by bungee ball ties, so you’ll be able to relax while playing poker, go fish, solitaire, or any other card game that comes to mind.

You might believe that water and playing cards don’t mix, and you’d be correct. However, because the inflatable table and chairs include waterproof playing cards, you won’t have to worry about someone cannonballing in the middle of a game. You can get this awesome addition to your water activities for less than $40 on Amazon!

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