This Boat Bedroom In The Desert Is Going Viral And Here’s Why

JT land yacht club

Look at this baby. This yacht for two in Joshua Tree, California sits on the Californian desert equipped with a pool and over 700k likes on TikTok.

Listed on Airbnb for only £76 per night, the retro boat has a Queen size bed, a “lil’ tiki lounge w/record player, mini-fridge, coffee pot, & good vibes”.

The listing also mentions an outdoor kitchen with a gas BBQ and fire-pit, not to mention a “sunset star-gazing sofa!”. It is an enchanting place and we should all move there.

According to the owners, the space has been cultivated “with privacy in mind” including the stock tank “tiki pool” available between April and November for relaxing while observing the desert evening.

The place is also sustainable, using low voltage and solar lighting!

A video of this piece of paradise was posted on TikTok by user @travelwith_e.g has so far reached 707.7K likes which shows just how much we all need a break at a place like this. When Friday seems like a desert mirage, scrolling through travel locations and swimming garments seem like the most fun one can have with their clothes on.

The TikTok video shows a wonderful and intimate desert evening, with the camera moving from the outside pool into the cosy bedroom.

The so far 4801 comments range between awe-struck and intense. Acelya Avcilar said: “This is just so beautiful! Can almost feel as though I’m there!”. Whereas Uzay exalted: “This is where I want to be before I die…” and Fatine Ferdous uttered: “Imagine being there with the person that you love”.

The owners are artists who live on the premises, one of them, Michelle, has spoken about their alternative lifestyle:

“We absolutely love our desert life and the shared economy perks that our two Airbnb’s offer us and others!”

International desert holidays are becoming increasingly popular for their offerings of dramatic scenery and off-the-beaten-track vibes. The colours, the sounds, everything is different when you are surrounded by sand and, nowadays, you can be as comfortable in the desert as anywhere else in the world.

Travel agency Scott Dunn’s expert Emilie Mounier spoke to Tatler Asia about this:

“Travellers are looking for more experiential travel opportunities, in order to gain an authentic experience of a country that delves into the culture, history and the landscape of a place,”

“And nowadays, travellers are looking to escape the stresses of everyday life and holiday to off-the-beaten-track deserts. A desert holiday allows guests to view a contrast of a country, for instance from the Middle East’s bustling and cosmopolitan cities of Oman’s Muscat and Jordan’s Amman to the arid landscape of the desert.”

For those of us looking for romance and simplicity, there is no need to go all the way to a massive glam camp in the Sahara Desert. We can be just as happy in a bedroom boat in America.

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