The Skies Over Europe Have Been Turning Orange And Here’s Why


Skies across Europe have been turning orange, thanks to the Sahara Dessert that is!

Dust from the Sahara crossed the Mediterranean and landed in portions of Spain, forecasts predict that the UK could be next to be affected by this unusual phenomenon.

An expert predicts that a massive dust storm that painted European skies orange today will hit the UK by tomorrow early.

A meteorological front called Storm Celia by Spanish authorities drove dust from the Sahara Desert into the air, forming the cloud. After that, it was pushed over the Mediterranean, eventually engulfing areas of France and Spain.

Dr Claire Ryder, an atmospheric scientist, has warned of a dramatic drop in air quality and a strong likelihood that motorists would wake up tomorrow morning to find their cars covered in Saharan dust.

Images shot from the streets below show the eerie occurrence lighting up the skies in Murcia and Madrid, where the mass of hot air and orange tint was thickest.

Officials in Spain advised citizens to wear face masks when outside and to stay as long as possible indoors.

And now, a UK specialist has verified that the storm will hit areas of the UK on Wednesday early.

Dr Claire Ryder, an atmospheric scientist, warned of a substantial drop in air quality and the possibility of motorists waking up to find their cars covered in Saharan dust. Those with Asthma or allergies were advised by the Spanish authorities to stay inside.

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