Take A Step Inside Van Gogh’s Paintings


Van Gogh Alive UK is one of the most immersive and multi-sensory exhibits you will ever experience. The touring multimedia art experience is currently based at Kensington Gardens, London, UK.

If you do get the chance to visit, then you will certainly not be disappointed!

The exhibit is a fusion of visuals, sounds and textures that will have you mesmerised from the moment you step inside. The exhibit is set up in a purpose built 20,000-square-feet marquee opposite the Royal Albert Hall. You undoubtedly be hit with the ‘wow factor’.

Visitors are invited to a 45 minute walk through experience filled with props, projections, lighting shows and immersive sounds that send your senses wild.

Photo: Vangoghliveuk.com

Some critics have said the exhibit does not compare to Van Gogh’s original outstanding work, whilst others have applauded breathing new life into Gogh’s iconic paintings. Van Gogh’s Alive Exhibit first presented in Singapore in 2011 and has been touring ever since, stunning audiences in more than 70 cities!

Tickets are currently priced at £24 which seems pretty reasonable for such a unique experience based on the work of a world renowned artist. Van Gogh Alive is not an art exhibition in a traditional sense, it is an immersive multimedia art experience that brings the paintings to life in a way you will of never seen before.

Photo: Getty Images

The ‘Sunflower Room’ has mirrored walls and ceilings combined with thousands of sunflowers. It has become a popular spot for selfie-taking and is guaranteed to get the likes on your socials, with a backdrop like that it’s not surprising!

Photo: Vangoghaliveuk.com

There are no age limits or restrictions on the exhibit which makes it a experience anyone can enjoy. Family day out, date night, work team building activity… there really is something for everyone. Even if art isn’t really your thing, Van Gogh Alive is an opportunity for anyone to escape to the vibrant world of colours and soundscapes. Guaranteed to leave you with a fresh look on how art can be experienced in our modern world.

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