Take a Dip In Your Truck With This Perfectly Fitting Pool


Transform your truck into a truly vehicle of leisure by adding the truck bed swimming pool to your driveway. This model, unlike those tacky plastic tarp and rope arrangements, this precisely moulds to your truck’s bed, making it the ultimate mobile party item.

Reviewers have commented you may have to jury rig supports if your vehicle has a longer truck bed. Its dimensions of 66″ x 62″ x 21″ make it ideal for most conventional truck beds.

Customers have said you can find these from Walmart.com, but the price is good at only — $39.99! If they’re sold out, you’ll have to shell out abit to get it from Amazon. But we’d say whatever the price, the reward is worth it.

Get your inflatable truck bed pool set up in no time by inflating the rings and filling it with water. This model is designed to fit any standard truck. It is lightweight and easy to store

Maybe you don’t need the pool to take a dip in, but you can use for the ingenious idea when hosting the ultimate summer get together. This is when the Pick-up Pool comes in handy. Fill your truck’s bed with ice and place the vinyl inside. You’ve got the biggest and most convenient cooler you’ve ever seen, with enough Coke, beer, and other drinks for all of your visitors!

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