Spaceship Road Trips In Australia


Do you want to take a conventional, boring bus trip around Australia on a set schedule, where you can check off fantastic sites on your bucket list after spending only a short time there? Or do you want to take your time and really get to know Australia, meet new people, experience new things, and make sure you leave a place on your own terms, with no unfinished business?

Then you’ll want to check out these rentals!

Spaceship Rentals

This is the basic rental campervan, but it is FAR from conventional. With the main sleeping compartment on the roof of the spaceship you could enjoy panoramic views of some of the most beautiful locations in Aus.

Spaceship Rentals

With restrictions meaning that travel is sometimes impossible, this is the PERFECT activity for the family, a staycation adventure around the beautiful country that we call home!

Spaceship Rentals

Imagine not being bound by bus or rail schedules, only the open road ahead of you. Each morning, you choose your next destination. What to see, what to do, and how to get there are all things to consider. You’ll go through charming small villages, great cities, and all in between. You’ll encounter nice locals who will reveal their off-the-beaten-path destinations wherever you go. At campsites, meet other travellers and trade travel stories over a glass of local wine or beer.

Spaceship Rentals

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