Sky High Dining Experiences All Over The World


Have you ever considered what it would be like to dine in paradise? Clouds brushing across you, sunlight glinting off your beverage, and fresh air boosting the aroma of your meal Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and gaze down upon the twinkling lights while enjoying freshly prepared delicacies and spending quality time with your loved one or family!

Koh Kood, Thailand

At the Soneva Kiri Resort on Koh Kood, Thailand’s fifth largest (but least populous) island, guests can dine in a suspended bamboo pod 20 feet above the earth. The pods are composed of locally sourced rattan weaved by a local craftsman and inspired by the beautiful nests of weaverbirds. A personal waiter skilled in zip wire acrobatics delivers one-hour tea sessions and two-hour gourmet feasts.

New Jersey, United States

Morey’s Piers’ 156-foot Giant Wheel, which is located on the Wildwood boardwalk, is one of the largest Ferris wheels on the East Coast, and hot breakfasts are served wheel-side with white linens and fine china. Morey’s Piers is celebrating its 50th anniversary this season, and Executive Chef Wally Jurus is at the helm to help celebrate. Smoked brisket, Jersey tomato BLT with fried egg, seafood omelette, and Belgian waffles with fresh Jersey fruit are all on the menu this year.

Banff, Canada

Visitors can dine on the peak of Banff’s Sulphur Mountain on the third level of the futuristic Banff Gondola summit building, which has four unique floors. Sky Bistro, perched at 7,510 feet above sea level, offers a panoramic view of the Bow Valley and six gorgeous mountain ranges. After dinner, guests can walk to the highest point in the building for stargazing. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

At.Mosphere restaurant sits on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, rising 1,450 feet over downtown Dubai. The Burj Khalifa was finished in 2004 and went through 40 tests to see how wind might affect the tower and its surrounding towers. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon pleasures, and dinner menus are available at the world’s tallest restaurant. Enjoy a 5-course meal with delights including cauliflower brioche, grilled sea bass, and pear sorbet while dining in style.

Brussels, Belgium

Guests are strapped onto chairs 150 feet in the air at Belgium’s Dinner in the Sky. The five-ton suspended aerial table is suspended from a 120-ton crane that can accommodate personnel and 22 guests—a design that has gained TÜV Rheinland’s stringent German safety certification. The dining arrangement is identical to Japanese hibachi, with the exception that guests are required to wear safety belts and the cook is restrained by a harness. Dinner in the Sky takes you on a world tour of cities.

Yichang, China

The Fangweng hanging restaurant in Yichang, China’s Happy Valley, is built into a cliffside cave above the Yangtze River. Guests approach over a lengthy plank pathway that curves around the cliff into the natural cave lobby. The dining area, another natural cave with beautiful Chinese décor, is accessible from the foyer. Visitors can also rent a river boat, zip line, or bungee jump from a nearby platform.

You certainly need strong stomach for these dining experiences, but this camping festival is another level!

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