Opulent First-Class Seats To Drool Over


First-class flight seats are a glamourous and unachievable world for most of us, which is why we enjoy seeing photos of them.

Flying in a double bed whilst drinking champagne and eating caviar with your bum covered in rose petals is a dream we can all achieve for a price ranging between $4,000 and $30,000 depending on the route and benefits.

However, beware as booking a first-class flight ticket can be difficult even if you have the money. That happens because Airlines are well aware that we are all trying to use our cheap miles to use their premium service – I see you smiling, yes, you. For that reason, airlines implement policies to make it difficult for us commoners to delve into that high life and actually book first-class seats.

However, we do not mind their classism and still take immense pleasure in looking at photos of the lush life, even if we are not in them. Here is what travelling 1st class looks like:

Etihad Airways

They offer private apartments big enough to stand and walk around(!). Forget about tiny homes and cargo flats. I want to live in a first-class private flat.

The tickets, which can cost around $9,155 per person, include onboard showers and meals from a chef. You also get to hang around the lounge area beforehand.

Credit: Upgraded Points


Remember how you were stocking up on those Holiday In mini shampoo bottles? Well, think again as you could be stocking up on amenity kits from Bvlgari. All you need for that would be to pay $4,000 for a first-class ticket with Emirates. The ticket includes an onboard shower and lots of smiles from the crew – probably even a wholehearted hug, if you fancy.

The famous Emirates bar and lounge you have seen on the telly are real. This is not a drill. There are very rich people travelling comfortably out there. I repeat, there are some lucky moneyed individuals out there who arrive at their destination refreshed and well-fed instead of stressed and hangry. It is rare, but it exists.

To be fair, someone did find a hack to pay only $300 for an Emirates flight, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

Credit: Emirates


A first-class Lufthansa ticket can cost you anywhere between $7,000 and $15,000. But, for a bed made up with fine linens and a temperature regulated duvet, I wouldn’t expect to pay any less than that.

The ticket includes pre-flight champagne, nuts and roses and the food is made by the top chefs in Germany in rotation. The seats are nowhere near as private or opulent as the previous ones, but it’s certainly more opulent than any room in any of the homes I have ever lived in.

I’ve also heard through the grapevine that Lufthansa offers the best first-class lounge experience at its Paris Charles de Gaulle hub. Why bother saving to buy your first home when you can save to experience this?

Credit: The Points Guys


Last but not least, Singapore Airlines takes the Mile High End Club to the next level with its double bed offerings. The company is known for being the first to offer double accommodation at sky level.

Tickets can cost between $10,000 and $30,000 but will present you with caviar, lobster and private cabins specially designed by a French yacht designer. I was still hungry after eating caviar, but I’ve heard that lobster tastes like crab so might be worth it.

Credit: Eric Risberg AP Images

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