Live In Peace On The World’s Smallest Island


Tired of terrible neighbours? It’s an issue we all deal with at some point or another. That is, unless you decide to inhabit your own tiny island.

The very aptly named Just Enough Room Island is located on the North Coast of New York, with space for only one house.

The exact size of the island is 3,300 square feet – roughly the size of a tennis court.

Inhabitants are also treated to a garden in the form of a tree and small beach in the front yard – perfect if you’ve always wanted to live on the coast.

There’s even a pair of deck chairs if you fancy sitting with your feet in the water, and imagining you’re in the Caribbean rather than in the middle of the St Lawrence River.

If you’re someone who gets seasick a lot, try not to think about all the boat trips you’d have to do back and forth whenever you want to go shopping or visit friends.

Originally known as Hub Island, the land was bought back in the 1950s by a wealthy family looking for a quiet holiday home.

This plan failed when the home became famous for its remarkable size, drawing in lots of tourists who couldn’t believe their eyes. We can’t blame them!

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