Is This The World’s Scariest Swing?


Thrill seekers seeking a new method to get your adrenaline racing should travel to Colorado, where a new attraction has surpassed all existing river swings.
This new ride in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, swings at 50 miles per hour over the Colorado River, dangling over a fissure that disappears 1,300 feet below.
However, it is unlikely that consumers will be able to appreciate the view.

Park owner Steve Beckley designed the Giant Canyon swing, which sits high above the Colorado River at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado.

Despite inventing the new rollercoaster, Mr Beckley, 41, claims that he has only ever tested it out once.

‘Funnily enough, even though I came up with the whole idea for the ride, I have only ever ridden it once,’ he said.

‘We had a different swing on the site for several years, but we wanted something more extreme. 

‘When it came time to replace it, the Giant Canyon Swing seemed like the perfect fit.

‘It’s pneumatically powered and much faster, so it’s definitely a bigger adrenaline rush. 

‘And the spot on the edge of Glenwood Canyon makes it even more exciting.’ 

Steve explained why despite the apparent danger, thrill-seekers still flock to this one-of-a-kind contraption.

‘The reaction from the public is definitely mixed,’ he said.

‘People usually scream when they’re riding it, so first-timers hear that as they’re walking up to the ride. 

‘Then when they see the drop off down into the canyon, they’re either thrilled or terrified, and sometimes both.

‘It’s a lot of fun just to watch people ride it, see their faces and hear them scream and laugh.’

This ride certainly isn’t for those with weak stomachs but perfect for any adrenalin junkie!

If this floats your boat, you need to check this out!

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