Young Aussies Are Obsessed With This New Cashback Shopping App


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What Aussie doesn’t love a bargain?

It’s the flood of feel-good endorphins when bagging that coveted dress, bag or perfume; or the thrilling anticipation of booking holiday flights and hotels, PLUS the sweet satisfaction of scoring a deal.

CHEDDAR is the new app tailored specifically to Gen Z and Millennials that promises all the juicy deals AND cashback. 

There are over 600 brands offering discounts and cashback in the app – which was more than enough to entice us to check it out. 

Here’s what we thought…

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First impressions: this is a good looking app. 

It looks and feels like social media. It’s an endless scroll of offers and even an Insta-stories style “boosted” feed with limited time only “secret” deals. 

Deals on CHEDDAR at the time of writing. Actual deals may vary. CHEDDAR Terms of Use apply

And there are a lot of deals. Some brands have 3 or 4 different deals at once, so you can choose the one that gives you the best discount or cashback – or both – depending on what you’re going to buy. 

Next, the brands. 

With anything like this, I’m always a bit sceptical, but I can assure you, the brands are really good. 

I’m into beauty, fashion and travel and there’s everything from Net-A-Porter, by Johnny, Assembly Label, Lee Matthews, FarFetch, H&M, Nike, Adidas and Cotton On, to Sephora, Bobbi Brown and Bondi Sands to Wotif and*

I’d shop these brands full price, so the idea of getting any sort of otherwise unavailable discount or cashback is a pretty freakin’ great reason to make this app my first stop when there’s something I need to buy. 

The app also uses AI to optimise the feed of offers to your personal preferences. 

On first pass there’s a bit of everything, but having jumped into the app 3 or 4 times now, I can already notice my “for you” section is showing more of what I want to see. Over time I’m expecting an even more curated feed.

*If these brands don’t do it for you are 600 brands – including food delivery brands like Menulog, Marley Spoon and Pizza Hut – so no matter what you’re into, I doubt you’ll be bored. 

The deals and the cashback.

The deals are vast and varied. 

Some big brands with high-value products (think Sony and airlines) are starting at 2% or 3% cashback on purchases through CHEDDAR; some cashback offers are capped at a certain value (’s current cashback is capped at $80), others offer up to 40% off uncapped. 

I’ve noticed the boosted section is where some of the best deals are hiding, some even with discount + cashback. These deals in the boosted section update pretty much every day. 

I’ve got to say, as a long time sufferer of FOMO, checking the app has become kind of addictive because the deals are constantly refreshing and there’s always something new.

The shopping experience.

I exercised a significant level of restraint and so far have only bought some new foundation I’d just run out of. Lucky for me, Bobbi Brown had an 8% cashback deal sitewide on CHEDDAR, so I was quick to take advantage. Caveat: I’ve never, ever in the last 3 years I’ve been using this product seen it on sale.

The shopping process was really simple. I clicked on the Bobbi Brown icon in the boosted section to the deal, scanned CHEDDAR’s how to redeem (in this case I just had to hit shop, there was no code to enter on checkout or anything), hit shop and went straight to the usual Bobbi Brown site. 

I went through the checkout process without using any fancy tricks and within about 30 minutes of buying the product, got a push notification that Bobbi Brown was processing my cashback. Pretty satisfying. 

Deals on CHEDDAR at the time of writing. Actual deals may vary. CHEDDAR Terms of Use apply

One thing I noticed, is that the cashback doesn’t appear instantly into your CHEDDAR account. It can take some time (up to 7 days – although for me it was only 30 minutes) for the cashback to process, and up to 90 days for the cold hard cash to be in your CHEDDAR account, ready to transfer into your bank account. 

It’s been a day since my order, and I can clearly see that the cashback is being processed so I’m expecting it to land in my CHEDDAR account soon. 

So, how would I rate CHEDDAR?

I’m really into this app. It’s SO easy to use, there are brands I really like on there and it gives me immediate discounts plus (slightly delayed) cashback. I would shop these brands full price, so getting discounts on products I’m not used to seeing any sort of offer on was pretty surprising (in the best possible way). 

For me, CHEDDAR is 100% worth using, whenever I’m shopping online. 

One thing to note is that the app is brand new and the only thing that wasn’t PERFECTLY seamless was the cashback timeframe. I’m expecting that over time, the time it takes to get the cashback in my account will shorten.

I give it 4/5 stars and if I were you, I’d give it a download. 

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