What Happens When Dad Is Taking Care Of The Baby


Social scientists, philosophers and anthropologists are not in agreement about the differences – if any – between men and women but the internet has some cracking photos of funny dads that will at least entertain us while we wait for a definitive answer on the matter.

Overdrawing your baby’s eyebrows is a classic one whilst contouring abs came in recently as a creative innovation in terms of baby decor. But there are also the wholesome ones when dad just passes out mid-way through putting the kids to bed and the polemic ones where he makes them bring him beer – what else is he gonna make them bring? Whatever your favourite, whatever your stance on putting your baby through ridicule online, read on to see what happens when dad is taking care of the baby.

1. Mini Joe Rogan

Credit: Taylor_Satine

2. I can explain

Credit: sensusezik

3. There is a reason Kiwis are so expensive

4. It is practical

5. They grow so fast…no, wait.

6. Is that even safe?

7. Dad does need to eat…

8. She has to learn about world history

9. A mature little child

Credit: goodgriefwoman

10. Kids, new game! You bring me beer and I’ll drink it!

Credit: hafelnuts

11. I’m pretty sure this is no tears shampoo…pretty…sure…

Credit: MelissaNas

12. I think she’s hungry

13. This dad has reinvented the ponytail

14. Dad never made a pancake in his life…until now

15. Did dad pinch here? Why’s she so angry?

16. Mum said the kids have to stay in bed

17. This dad nailed it

Credit: daedalus_78

18. He passed out on the way to putting baby to bed

Credit: gmlgp9868

19. Getting ready for that job interview

Credit: Krunchy_Kitten

20. But…how? why? how? HOW?!

Credit: BertoliB

21. Mum bought a label maker to organize baby stuff and it’s working

22. Even if it were jam instead of catchup, I don’t know…

23. Children need to learn about hard work

24. Starting early!

Credit: oneadventurewithdad

25. Shall we go to IKEA? Sure…

Credit: oneadventurewithdad

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