Vagina Shaped Waffles Are Hitting The Spot In Madrid


Since its debut in Madrid, an alternative waffle house has created quite a stir. ‘La Coneria,’ a play on words combining the words cone and vagina in Spanish, has been selling vagina-shaped waffles while making customers laugh or feel uncomfortable.

“The ‘Conofre’ [penis waffle] is the female version of the ‘Pollofre.’ It’s a waffle the size of an arepa that we cut and open like an arepa, then stuff with two balls of ice cream, cream, and something crunchy, like Oreos or Chips Ahoy biscuits “Last Wednesday, owner Pedro Buerbaum explained.

The waffle business is located in Madrid’s trendy and unconventional Chueca neighbourhood. Buerbaum has already built his second sexually explicit waffle shop, the successful ‘Polleria,’ which features a similar, but quite different, penis-shaped waffle as well as penis-shaped ice cream.

Despite the fact that the waffles appear to be excellent, Buerbaum argues that the experience is part of the package, with store staff making sexual jokes to customers while filling orders.

Before founding La Pollera and La Coera, owner Pedro Buerbaum—a Tenerife native and the CEO of Viral Projects, the brand’s parent company known for churning out viral businesses—founded Ice & Dreams, another former Madrid sweets shop. The Instagram-friendly ice cream shop in Malasaa was known for its famed cotton candy ice cream creations and gorgeous Instagram-friendly decor.

While Ice & Dreams was not your typical ice cream shop, La Pollera and La Coera are pushing the envelope even farther, seeking to sell a memorable, out-of-the-box (and delicious) product while also breaking taboos and broadening people’s minds.

Here’s where you can check them out –

La Pollería

La Coñería

  • Address: Pl. de Chueca, 5, 28004 Madrid
  • Hours: 15:00-22:00
  • Follow them: InstagramFacebook
  • Metro: Chueca

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