True Stories So Weird They Seem Fictional


Sometimes the world is so crazy that it seems more like a film.

From a boy who used his own body to save the lives of his classmates in a mass school shooting, to the most beautiful woman in the world who was also a genius inventor, to Steve Buscemi volunteering as a firefighter and cats behaving like unbelievable ass**les, there are infinite instances where real-life seemed unreal. And we have selected the best ones for the delight of those who love reality as well as the delight of those who love fiction.

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A Teenager Hero

15-year-old Anthony Borges used his body to hold a classroom door shut protecting 20 other students inside from a gunman who kept on firing through the door. Anthony was shot five times but made it out alive.

Scientific proof that cats are ass**les

Studies show that cats understand human commands but choose not to follow them.

Beauty AND Brains

Actress Hedy Lamarr once dubbed “the most beautiful woman in the world” was also a mathematician and inventor of frequency hopping spread spectrum – a technology used for Bluetooth and Wifi. However, her FHSS idea was ignored and the credit was given to others. Hedy spent her entire life wishing people would value her intelligence instead of her beauty.

Steve Buscemi’s fiery side

Before actor Steve Buscemi became a massive star, he was a firefighter in New York City. The day after the 9/11 attacks he returned to his old firehouse to volunteer and spent several days working 12 hour-long shifts searching for survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Centre.

They cheated on their husbands…with charity!

A group called The 9 Nanas met at 4 am for 30 years to pay for bills and buy clothes for those in need. They kept the secret from everyone, including their husbands, paying for everything anonymously. Each care package contained a homemade pound cake and a note saying “Somebody loves you.”

How much is an organ worth?

In a public stunt about the value of organ donation, a millionaire announced he would bury his Bentley for the afterlife. After a massive negative reaction, he disclosed that that stunt was meant to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation saying: “People bury things that are much more valuable than cars and nobody seems to care.”

A rare type of blood

After needing 13 litres of blood for surgery, 13-year-old James Harrison swore to start donating blood once he reached the age of 18. After that, they discovered that his blood contained a rare antigen that cured Rhesus disease. James made over 1000 donations in his life saving the lives of more than 2.4 million unborn babies.

Be careful with people who look like you

Anais Bordier saw a YouTube video of Samantha Futerman and thought she looked exactly like her. Anais then messaged Samantha and found out that they were both identical twins who had been adopted by different families. 

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